A couple of announcements that we want to put out there for your consideration.
First of all, I want to thank everyone for their performance during this tier. As your raid leader, and friend, I want you to know that I’m very proud to say that you were all part of another CE for this guild. Congratulations to us as a whole and I look forward to the next tier where we’ll achieve even better goals and results. These raids would mean nothing if it wasn’t for you guys sticking it out and achieving together.
Going forward, however, we are planning on moving to Horde. There are people who will be retiring their time in this guild, and as raiders, and we wish them the best of luck in whatever avenues they pursue. Given the current recruitment issues that stem from being Alliance, we feel, as a whole, that this is the best move to improve as a guild. Our recruitment recently has been done with not only this in mind, but also in how to best keep people’s interest in the game. Pugging is horrible on Alliance and we want everyone to enjoy their time in the game even when it’s not in a raiding environment. Slumber Party has been Alliance since its rebirth from The Returners but going into the next tier we’re hoping to be set up Horde side.
After discussion amongst ourselves, it looks like we’ll be heading to Zuljin. This upcoming week we will be breaking (2nd of 3rd of June no raid) but the following week we will be doing reclears and expect everyone to be transferred no later than the 8th of June.
We know that some of you may find this new turn of events a little uncomfortable, and if you have any questions or concerns, I implore you to seek out myself or any of the other officers to discuss them.
We will be keeping the guild name, however, the guild will also still be available on Alliance Stormrage as we will be leaving a few characters there to keep it safe.
Again, congratulations on this tiers CE! We hope you’ll be joining us for the next tier.